Three disamistade, 1969 (16mm dupe negative, scan 2K/Sound)
16mm dupe negative, scan 2K/Black and White/Sound
1969 (C20th)
Location: Various, Italy Creator: Antonio Bertini Through three testimonies - of a trade unionist, a woman and a pastor - the documentary offers a picture of the human condition in today's Barbagia; of the problems, prospects, hopes of the Sardinian people and the new conscience that is spreading for a life different from that suffered so far, overcoming backward positions, respecting the cultural traditions elaborated by the population of the Sardinia. 01. Pp of Joseph, former pastor, laborer, confined, detained, current secretary of the Chamber of Labor, while he tells his life 02. A tenant shepherd, while walking with a band of wood on his shoulders, talks about the problems of shepherding in Barbagia 03. Shepherds and sheep grazing 04. Pp by Joseph as he speaks 05. Barbagia Mountains Pan 06. Women dressed in black and old men walking in the alleys of Orgosolo 07. PP of an elderly woman sitting in front of the fireplace, talking about her fugitive son, sentenced to twenty-two years in prison for banditry 08. Joseph, standing in front of a stone sheepfold, while speaking 09. Mural lettering “No to the confino” 10. Shepherd tells while milking sheep 11. Elderly Pp While Talking 12. Inq and pp by Joseph as he speaks 13. Interior, meeting of shepherds of Orgosolo 14. No to the Lords Park Murals 15. The Shepherd While Milking 16. A man grazing cows 17. Campaign Pan
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