Sardinia the future is called Rinascita, 1968 (35mm lavender, scan 2K/Sound)
35mm lavender, scan 2K/Black and White/Sound
1968 (C20th)
Location: Various, Italy Creator: Mario Carbone, Ignatius Delogu The film shows the economic crisis of Sardinia and the living conditions of its inhabitants. Numerous interviews are proposed with emigrants who, forced to leave their country, are still dissatisfied with the working conditions found on the continent. 01. Interviews with emigrants in Milan. Interview with a girl who emigrated to Turin 02. Interview with shepherd. Panoramic mountain. Ales, Sardinian country where Antonio Gramsci was born 03. Images of Ilazza. Piazza Antonio Gramsci. Campaign overview. Poor houses. Women working straw 04. Scenes of village life, with roofs and snowy streets 05. Old ones leaning on the walls. Old men play cards. Boys playing billiards 06. Women wash. Interview with girl. Peasants work the land 07. Interviews with workers 08. Interview with miner who after 15 years was fired from work and emigrated to Germany 09. Manifestations of discomfort by peasants who feel abandoned by the Region 10. Abandoned peasant houses. Countries of Gairo and Psini threatened by landslides. Interview with woman living in dangerous home 11. In Gairo, instead of building houses a barracks was built 12. Gairo Women Wash Drain 13. Cagliari, traffic. Town of Salidoro. Cagliari, barracks along the beach 14. Factories: Cementeria di Sardegna; Montecatini, exterior; Beer Cervisia, exterior; Pepsi Cola. Packs. Sign: Tirrena Petroli Refinery of Portovesne 15. Shepherd with sheep grazing. Interview with shepherd. Shepherd Milks Sheep 16. Interview on the living conditions of shepherds and the difference with that of bandits. Shepherds eat 17. Lake, pond. Fishermen fish in the forbidden area. Interview with fisherman arrested three times 18. Photo Costa Smeralda, the sweet life of the rich. Photo by Corias. Photo councilor for tourism. Photos of admirals exchanging cups. Photo by Karim. Villas on the sea 19. Three major mineral industries: Pertusola, Montevecchio and Montetoni 20. Mine owned by Pertusola where miners work in flooded tunnel 21. Miners strike in Carbonia. Photos of miners occupying wells 22. Photos Sardinian Regional Assembly 23. Cortoghiana, factory closed. Interview with miners 24. powerhouse 25. In Buggerru miners strike: three men killed. Tombstone with the name of the dead: Mountains, Littera, Pittau 26. Scenes of war. Photo by Antonio Gramsci. Images of veterans parading laying a commemorative wreath 27. Photo demonstration, protest signs 28. Inq of a map of Sardinia, the room moves to Cagliari then Oristano, Olbia and finally Sassari 29. Palmiro Togliatti's meeting, demonstrators in the square, rapid succession of faces 30. End. Written dedication to all Sardinian workers who have fought for their land
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