Saturday Sunday Monday, 1968 (16mm lavender, scan 2K/Sound)
16mm lavender, scan 2K/Black and White/Sound
1968 (C20th)
Location: Milan, Italy Creator: Ansano Giannarelli The documentary addresses the condition of the working woman in the Italian society of the sixties, through the emblematic story of three women filmed during three different days: a Saturday, one Sunday, a Monday, in Milan. Work in the factory, trade union activity, work at home: so spend the days for working women, without breaks, without stops, without their own time; while Sunday spends in the recovery of things not made at home, accumulated and postponed necessities. In these years only twenty women out of a hundred work in productive activities: paid less, they are exploited and often fired. Precisely among the women who work, especially among the youngest, the awareness of their rights and awareness of the struggle to be conducted to change society, economic relations, the mentality of Men, conservative habits and traditions that weigh on all women. 01. Milan, 1968. Milanese streets in the morning at the first light of dawn 02. Women start at work 03. Women enter factories 04. Interior of a textile factory: women at work 05. A meeting of women: they talk about the harmfulness of work, show hands deformed by arthritis 06. Shops in the city center, near Piazza San Babila 07. At the entrance to the Savini cafe, ladies wear fur coats pass; other women get on taxis, others look at the windows of a great jewelry store 08. The exit from the factories in the evening, in the dark 09. Grocery shopping at the supermarket 10. A woman is intent on housework in the kitchen 11. A boyfriend couple looks at a showcase where wedding dresses are exposed 12. A working family at home, gathered in the dining room in front of the TV 13. A woman mends in the kitchen 14. Women rebate the house 15. A woman does laundry 16. A working family at the table; eating, we discuss the problems of the members: where to put young children while parents work; the cost of living; wage increases; if the internal commission works 17. Women wash dishes, others iron 18. A little girl does homework 19. A pair of middle-aged workers, sitting at the table, tells about their tiredness 20. Sound the alarm clock at six in the morning 21. MDP follows a worker who goes to work. Enter Sit-Siemens 22. Interior of the factory. Workers work on the assembly line of telephone control panels 23. Workers leave Sit-Siemens. Interviews with workers about their work 24. The working family, of which the MDP and the microphone followed the discussion as the members ate, goes to a demonstration for Vietnam's freedom 25. The event parades through the streets of Milan at night 26. Protesters with torches symbolically burn a US flag under the headquarters of the US consulate
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