Music for Freedom, 1975 (16mm negative, scan 2K/Sound)
16mm negative, scan 2K/Colour/Sound
1975 (C20th)
Location: Rome, Italy Creator: Luigi Perelli The film was made on the occasion of a major event organized by the Italian Communist Youth Federation in February 1975 at the Palazzo dello Sport in Rome, where fifteen thousand influx spectators to follow and participate in the performance of singers, actors, musicians and Italian and foreign musical complexes including: Ivan Della Mea, Paolo Pietrangeli, Giovanna Marini, Paolo Ciarchi, Ernesto Bassignano, the Amerikanta, Rosa Balistreri, Maria Carta, Ines Carmona, Luigi Nono, Giorgio Gaslini, Mario Schiano, Bruno Cirino, Gian Maria Volonté, Luigi Proietti, Stefano Satta Flores; and the Inti Illimani and the Quilapayun, who testified with their songs and music about fascist repression in Chile and the popular struggle against the military dictatorship. With its intertwining of songs, performances of contemporary music and free jazz, acting interventions by actors, and with a background theme linked to the great democratic battles of recent years, “Music for freedom” is proposed as a musical film show of a kind completely different from television musicals, conditioned by the cultural industry and characterized by the tendency to pure evasion. 01. Headlines, credits alternating with images of the entrance of students to the event 02. Pan of the audience and inq of the stage; pan from the top of the Palazzo dello Sport in Rome 03. A young man from the stage presents the evening alternating with images of the exterior of the building 04. Ernesto Bassignano presents his song “Moby Dick”; alternating with images of repertoire of '68 05. Performance of the musical group Amerikanta 06. Performance by Rosa Balistreri 07. Exhibition by Ines Carmona reading a poem by Pablo Neruda; repertoire images of the funeral of Neruda 08. Pan of the stands of the Palazzetto clapping at the end of the reading; repertoire images of the funeral of Neruda 09. Performance of the musical group Inti-Illimani 10. Applause at the end of the performance and thanks from the group for Italy's support for the Chilean resistance; pan del Palazzetto with the public standing 11. Second song for the group Inti-Illimani; inq among the audience while singing the song 12. Performance by Mario Schiano's group; pp of the components during the solo; inq among the audience 13. Paolo Pietrangeli sings “Karl Marx Strasse”; inq of the public 14. Ivan Della Mea sings “O dear wife” 15. Exhibition by Paolo and Alberto Ciarchi 16. Exhibition by Giovanna Marini; repertoire images 17. Exhibition by Luigi Nono; composition with repertoire images of World War II concentration camps; applause at the end 18. Exhibition of the Quartet by Giorgio Gaslini; inq of the public 19. Exhibition of Maria Carta 20. Stefano Satta Flores reads a piece by Togliatti; inq among the audience 21. Gigi Proietti reads a part of the text of Salvador Allende pronounced at the United Nations 22. Exhibition by Gian Maria Volonté alternating with repertoire images 23. Performance by the Chilean group Quilapayun; inq among the public 24. Stock images as translation reading begins (?) of the song lyrics 25. New Quilapayun song with repertoire images 26. Translation (?) and commentary of the text in Italian 27. Quilapayun Song 28. Translation of text with inq of the public 29. Quilapayun song with simultaneous translation of the song into Italian; repertoire images 30. Conclusion of the performance; inq among the audience applauding 31. Ccredits and thanks
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