Born a region, 1968 (16mm negative, scan 2K/Sound)
16mm negative, scan 2K/Black and White/Sound
1968 (C20th)
Location: Various, Italy Creator: Ennio Lorenzini Portrait of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, with interviews, testimonies and images that reconstruct its recent history, from the Second World War to the end of the Sixties. 01. Overview of the trenches of the First World War and the Shrine of Redipuglia 02. Photos of Friulian partisans killed by Germans and fascists; German calls and warnings 03. The tombs and tombs of the victims of the Nazi massacred in Avasinis on May 2, 1945 04. An Italo-Slovenian event in Opicina 05. Overview of countries destroyed by war and never rebuilt due to military servitude 06. The unfinished railway bridge of Madrisio di Varmo and the Pontebbana railway to single track 07. Peasants working in the fields; interview with a peasant woman 08. An elderly woman carries a gerla full of hay on her shoulder 09. A girl pushes a cart full of wood 10. A woman loads a gerla on her shoulders with charms 11. Overview of the abandoned houses of Venzone; two mummies 12. Overview of the blenda mine, in the Predil Quarries 13. The plants of the Sade Enel in the Vajont; the rubble; people lay flowers and light tea lights near the crosses, placed on the site of tragedy 14. Construction of a stone barrier in Passo San Osvaldo, Mount Toc 15. The wooden shacks of the refugee camp in Erto; written on the walls against the Sade 16. Interviews inside some displaced persons of Erto 17. Saici Snia Viscosa plant in Torviscosa (Udine); water polluted by acids, dead fish 18. Marano fishermen pull empty pots aboard the boat 19. View of the port of Marano; men and women select the crabs caught 20. Works of disbankment of a beach in Monfalcone 21. Overview of the port of Trieste; cranes, deserted docks; moored boats; buildings 22. Interiors, interview to a harbour on the crisis of the port of Trieste 23. Views of the San Marco shipyard; the entrance of workers; docks behind the gates of a busy yard 24. Workers' events in Pordenone and other Friulian cities 25. Workmen on the roof of a factory 26. Event in Trieste; motorcyclist procession with red flags
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