The Great Thirst, 1969 (16mm dupe negative, scan 2K/Sound)
16mm dupe negative, scan 2K/Black and White/Sound
1969 (C20th)
Location: Various, Italy Creator: Massimo Mida Sicily of the past was rich in water and trees. Thanks to the work of its inhabitants, especially the Arabs, the island had water systems of rare efficiency. The documentary proposes a comparison between that situation and the reality of today's Sicily. Today, water is scarce: today every Sicilian has 165 liters of water per day, compared to the national average of 250 liters and 400 liters in the north of Italy. In the first place, the citizens are paying for the consequences of this scarcity, and therefore agriculture and industry, for whom water is an equally vital necessity. Periodically the problem of water determines even violent protests in Sicily by the exasperated population. The documentary does not, however, exhaust its investigation in the finding of the current situation: through filming made in cities, countries, homes, in the countryside, it also intends to indicate the historical responsibilities of an indifferent and passive ruling class and the privileges and interests that lie behind the use of an essential good such as water. 01. Title: “The Great Thirst”. Exteriors of industries. Men on mules. Many parked cars 02. View of a Sicilian country. Children playing. Interior of a poor house. Animals trying to water at a fountain and in a puddle 03. Manifesto: “Provincial strike. 48 hours of agricultural laborers”. Pages of newspapers on lack of water 04. Fountain Pretoria. Inq of rivers where papyrus grow. Mosaics of piazza Armerina 05. View of an arid landscape. Trellises that allow the cableway to convey material to the plant in Campofranco 06. PP of a bus. Inq of factories. Plain of Catania. Network of drained water channels. Village Capparrini built by ERAS. Interview with a lady who lives there with a few other families 07. Licata. Men fill cans to a fountain. Oxen are watered in water tanks. An aquabotte brings water to the village 08. Interview with a bar manager complaining about lack of water to wash dishes 09. View of Agrigento. Interview with a university student. Greenhouses for cultivation in the province of Ragusa. Interview with a farmer who together with others dug a well for irrigation 10. Lentini. Glimpses of the country. Consultation of the mayor and the administrates. Dam Disueri remained in disuse 11. Photo by Danilo Dolci. Construction of the Jato Dam. Carboi Dam. Domenico Messina, Vincenzo Saladino and Michele Mandiello speak 12. Water transport channels for irrigation 13. Views of Palermo. Some streets of the city: from slums to the stately neighborhoods. Interview with engineer Alessandro Ferretti. Tankers bring supplies to countries 14. Water sorting point for irrigation 15. Demonstration of inhabitants. Danilo Dolci also participates
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