Refugee camps, 1970 (16mm negative, scan 2K/Sound)
16mm negative, scan 2K/Black and White/Sound
1970 (C20th)
Location: Various, Jordan Creator: Luigi Perelli An investigation among Palestinians into refugee camps in Jordan. The documentary illustrates the living conditions of refugees; describes the dramatic daily effort - which has lasted for years - to resist despair, underdevelopment, marginalization, misery, exploitation; highlights the hope that exiles have to return to their land. 01. Interni, pp of a widow, surrounded by children, who talks about living conditions in the refugee camp and the struggle to liberate the Palestinian people 02. Various inq and pp of children in the field 03. Camera car from a racing car of the Karameh region landscape 04. The images flow through the refugee camps in Jordan, with footage taken from a running vehicle, and alternate with portraits of the elderly and Palestinian children living in the camps; total of the Palestinian flag waving on top of a rod on the background of the sky. Panoramic views of tent camps in refugee camps with scenes of everyday life: women working in small gardens and tents, shooting while cooking, caring for children, cultivating the land; men engaged in construction and carpentry work; children educated while playing in the street 05. Injured in hospital beds 06. The rubble of the 1967 war; refugees cross a destroyed metal bridge over the Jordan 07. Al Fatah Assembly in a Camp 08. Car room on Karameh field 09. Al Fatah demonstration; military training 10. Shooting of Al Fatah guerrillas in surveillance activities and while participating in the rally of a representative of the movement. Details and details of the faces of the Palestinians participating in the rally, including numerous women; Pp of the speaker, pan on the audience 11. Rally in the refugee camp organized for women. Very first floors of faces of women and girls listening to the speaker during the rally. A little girl intervenes screaming of the Sloga, some women dry up touching tears. Some women dance a traditional dance 12. The war-raising ceremony 13. Outside and later internal footage of the activities of a health clinic, organized by Al Fatah. Portraits of sick or injured children who are rescued and medicated. Filmed in a large medicine store in Amman, organized by “Mazzaluna Palestinian”, which was established in 1969. A dentist is taken up as she pulls a tooth out of a little girl 14. Night, fedayn marching in the field 15. Shooting in a room where some men are engaged in recording, listening, transcribing, monitoring news from the press and media from Israeli or other countries
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