Giuseppe Pinelli, 1969 (16mm negative, scan 2K/Sound)
16mm negative, scan 2K/Black and White/Sound
1969-1970 (C20th)
Location: Milan, Italy Creator: Nelo Risi Through a series of interviews with Licia Pinelli, Giuseppe's companion, and with companions and friends of the Milanese anarchist who died during the investigation of the massacre of Piazza Fontana, the “work material” collectively created by a group of Italian film authors aims to reconstruct the most significant moments of that dramatic 16 December 1969 that saw the mysterious death of Giuseppe Pinelli, precipitated from the fourth floor of the Milan Police Headquarters. Together he builds a human and political portrait of a man coherent and firm in his ideas, innocent victim of the climate of tension, provocation and repression of which the massacre of Piazza Fontana is one of the central moments. 01. Milan, December 1969. Overview from the top of a large group of young people who presiding, with flags and signs, the home of Giuseppe Pinelli, to the popular houses of the railwaymen. A speaker relentlessly denounces Pinelli's innocence. Billboards “For every anarchist who dies another takes his place!” , “Valpreda is innocent”, “No to the scam of reform”. Next comes another entry off about images of processions and protests. “Calabresi murderer”, protesters repeatedly shout in the processions 02. Pinelli's tomb number 434 at the Milan cemetery. In the background, a popular protest song 03. The headquarters of the anarchists at the bridge of Ghisolfa. Inside, a young man, behind while working on a cyclostyle, tells who Giuseppe Pinelli was 04. Interview with an anarchist about the violence of the masters 05. A companion of Pinelli tells of the intimidation that the commissioner Calabresi had done to the anarchist 06. Other anarchists of the anarchist circle of Ghisolfa tell of the wave of persecution they suffered from the bombs at the Trade Fair, which broke out on April 25 07. On the walls of old Milan it is written: “Pinelli was murdered” 08. At the anarchist club in Via Scaldasole, an anarchist tells what happened on the evening of the bombs at the Bank of Agriculture 09. Interview with another anarchist companion of Pinelli 10. Sign of Porta Garibaldi Station in Milan. Some pictures of the station. Interview with a railwayman who worked with Pinelli 11. CM of via Morgantini. Inq of the Aurora Coffee. PP of two men sitting in the bar. Interview with a man who saw Pinelli on 12 December 12. Interview with Aldo Palumbo, a journalist of “L'Unità” 13. Interview with Licia Pinelli 14. The phrase “Lamentation for the death of G. Pinelli di Franco Trincale sung by the author” appears in superimpression
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