Dolores and Spain, 1976 (16mm negative, scan 2K/Sound)
16mm negative, scan 2K/Colour/Sound
1976 (C20th)
Location: Rome, Italy Creator: Massimo Andrioli The documentary was made during the event in Italy in 1976 organized by the Spanish and Italian communist parties, on the occasion of the 80th birthday of Dolores Ibarruri, the Spanish communist leader who devoted his life to the struggle for freedom, democracy and socialism. On the theme constituted by the event, the testimonies of political and cultural personalities that make up a human and political portrait of Dolores Ibarruri are grafted. 01. Titles 02. Speaking Rafael Alberti 03. Title: Dolores and Spain 04. PP on Dolores Ibarruri 05. PP on Ferruccio Parri. Interview 06. Shooting on television by Luigi Longo 07. Other PP by Dolores Ibarruri talking 08. Pictures of Dolores Ibarruri welcomed at the airport 09. Pictures of Santiago Carrillo also welcomed at the airport 10. Photographers 11. PP on Dolores Ibarruri and Santiago Carrillo 12. Interview with two delegates of the Japanese Communist Party 13. Protesters with PCI flags and Spanish flags 14. Pan on the audience clapping 15. PP on the mayor of Rome, Clelio Darida. Next to him Ibarruri, Santiago Carrillo, Terracini, Ferrara 16. Tribute to Ibarruri 17. PP on Santiago Carrillo 18. PP on Ibarruri 19. PP on Saragat 20. PP on a photographer 21. Other PP on Ibarruri while greeting 22. Alberti talks again. Pan on the audience. Pan from the top of the audience. Banner: “Italian Communists greet Spanish Communists” 23. Interview with Ibarruri 24. PP alternating between Santiago Carrillo and Ibarruri speaking 25. MF of Berlinguer speaking to protesters. Pan from the top of the protesters clapping 26. PP on representative of the French Communist Party 27. PP on Ibarruri. Berlinguer still talking 28. “Yes, yes, yes, Dolores in Madrid”. Pan on the audience standing up and applauding
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