C.R. (juvenile prisons), 1970 (16mm negative, scan 2K/Sound)
16mm negative, scan 2K/Black and White/Sound
1970 (C20th)
Location: Various, Italy Creator: Giovanni Vento, Giovanni Senzani Documentary describing the life of a typical Italian reformatory, through a rich photographic material and documents collected by Giorgio Bergami and Giovanni Senzani on behalf of the Federation Initiative Assistential Pilot of Turin. The picture that emerges is dramatic and highlights one of the most serious shortcomings of Italian society. State structures that should perform the function of restoring young people misfit to social life are instead closed institutions, based on the practice of coercion and violence, which initiate the young people locked up on the path of professional delinquency, marginalization, rooted and irreversible hostility towards society as a whole, of which they know only the repressive aspects most useless and inhuman. On the visa censorship the film is forbidden to children under 14 years of age. Participation in events: Hamburg Film Festival, 1970; International Short Film Festival, Oberjausen, 1971. 01. Photos of boys, rooms, dorm rooms, cells, shared areas 02. Institute of women's reeducation. Girls in the gym and during activities throughout the day. Pictures of a girl with a child in her arms 03. Some images of the institute of re-education alternate with those depicting hospitable environments with plants along the corridors 04. Boys behind bars and while receiving communion during a religious function 05. Written on the walls: “Palumbo and Sessini are real friends”, “I go out tonight at 17-30 day June 15, 1968", drawings, crosses
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