Communists, 1960 (35mm negative, scan 2K/Sound)
35mm negative, scan 2K/Black and White/Sound
1960-1968 (C20th)
Location: Various, Italy Various, Vietnam Creator: Giovanni Vento Documentary that analyzes what the communists have been in Italian history and in the ideal and political struggle in our country. It retraces the history of the Italian Communist Party from the origins to the present day, its protagonists, of the current organization. 01. Inq of boys and girls walking in the street; inq of a man on the phone in a cabin 02. Hostess and passengers waiting at Fiumicino airport 03. PP by Maurizio Vandelli 04. Photographs of Ho Chi Minh, Che Guevara, Lumumba, various events 05. Interior of the Rinascita library 06. Interior drafting of L'Unità 07. Luigi Longo descends from the car and heads towards the entrance of the Palacongressi; inq delegates to congress, journalists take notes 08. Photographs of Gramsci, Di Vittorio and Longo; photos of front pages of communist newspapers and a 1928 poster on the anniversary of Lenin's death; photographs and images of the war of Spain 09. Funeral for the events of Modena. Milan, the place of Gianni Ardizzone's death. Photos of leader Dc: Fanfani, Moro, Andreotti, Rumor, De Gasperi 10. Traffic, people on the street. Fiumicino airport, generic images 11. Vietnam and Congo. Inq miscellaneous and photos by Giuseppe Di Vittorio 12. Faces of workers. Strikes and parades 13. Palmiro Togliatti. Togliatti's funeral. Pietro Nenni in front of the coffin of Togliatti 14. Rome, X PCI congress; interventions by Ingrao, Pajetta, Longo, Occhetto and Berlinguer
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