Arrabal and Picasso's Horse, 1975 (16mm negative, scan 2K/Sound)
16mm negative, scan 2K/Colour/Sound
1975 (C20th)
Location: Matera, Italy Creator: Tomaso Sherman Cinema documents cinema: the film illustrates and describes the work of director Fernando Arrabal during the filming of the film “L'albero di Guernica”, shot in Matera and starring Mariangela Melato, Ron Faber and Cosimo Cinieri. The film tells the story of two fantastic characters, a witch and a libertine son of reactionary nobles, who - against the concrete background of the Spanish Civil War - acquire a political conscience. Through the metaphor, Arrabal places Spain at the center of the film, which he wanted to dedicate to Guernica, the martyr city destroyed by Nazi aviation. The film captures the highlights of the work of the Spanish playward-director following him behind the camera and questioning him directly, together with the actors, the inhabitants of the city, the painter Ortega who works in Matera, also in exile from Spain as Arrabal. The result is a singular human portrait and together an analysis of Spanish fascism, a re-enactment of the civil war - also through rare repertoire materials - and a judgment on the moment historical that Spain lives in 1975. 01. Arrabal's pp on set and while reading the screenplay 02. Inq of Arrabal watching Matera from a hill 03. Rep War of Spain 04. Inq various of the crew on the outdoor set 05. Arrabal and Mariangela Melato in interiors 06. Interview with Arrabal (in French) 07. Outdoor set inq 08. Inq by Josè Ortega while painting bas-reliefs 09. Interview with Ortega (in Spanish) 10. Inq various of the set indoors and outdoors 11. Interview with Arrabal 12. Honeydew on the set and while repassing the part 13. Arrabal plays cards with three crew members 14. Interviews with some figures of Matera 15. Interview with Arrabal 16. Interview with Ortega 17. Set Miscellaneous Inq 18. Interview with Cosimo Cinieri 19. Cineri's Inq on Set 20. Interview with Melato 21. Interview with Arrabal 22. Inq and pp of some dwarfs 23. Interview with a set designer (in French) 24. Interview with Ron Faber 25. Faber at makeup 26. Inq scenes with Faber and the Melato 27. Scene in interior with figuranti
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