South African Propaganda Films of The Apartheid Era - Volume X Part 2
WE ARE MARCHING ON PRETORIA - 25mins - A celebration of Afrikanerdom WHO IS VASCO MUTWA? - 14mins On the Black identity HANDS ACROSS THE BORDER - 18mins On White immigration During the apartheid era, the South African Information Service launched a campaign of propaganda and disinformation aimed at the Western powers, whcih it considered its natural allies against what it called the 'Communist Onslaught' to take over South Africa. This campaign was both overt and covert and ranged from what appeared to be straightforward tourist films to savage attacks on the ANC through a source apparently unconnected to the South African Information Service. The South African government spent millions of dollars to win hearts and minds, with most of this effort directed at the United States, where it had many influential sympathisers. Description:
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