B-24 Liberator Bomber - Construction At Willow Run
MASTER FOOTAGE TO BE ORDERED. AVAILABLE HD/PRO RES. WWII aircraft defense plant designed and built for mass production of B-24 Liberator Bombers by the Ford Motor Company in Michigan USA in 1941. Interior and exterior views of this airplane construction and assembly manufacturing facility that included a landing strip with control tower. Scenes of the interior of plant floor shows machine tools operated by men and women defense workers aiding the war effort. Woman (female) drilling rivet holes on side of aircraft followed by a woman similar to that of "Rosie the Riveter" installing rivets with riveting gun. Overhead crane moving and lowering rear section of B-24 into position. Women personnel working on interior of Liberator. Men and women working on aircraft engine, engine being lowered through the floor above. Tail section being moved into position and attached to B-24 fuselage, men putting wheel on landing gear, landing gear being tested. Elevated shot of Liberator B-24 bombers on production line, engines, wings, and tail section being assembled. Man working on top gun turret of B-24. Employees placing three blade propeller on aircraft engine, man tightening nut on propeller. Hangar doors opening, exterior shot, B-24 Liberator being towed from plant. B-24 engines warming up on airstrip, line of stationary B-24's, one warming up. B-24 taxiing down airstrip, six B-24's parked in background. Nine B-24's stationary, unidentified aircraft flying overhead in the background. Close-up of two civilian personnel checking and looking over B-24. Three civilian personnel with their backs to camera standing on airstrip-C-45 taxiing in bg. Personnel leaving aircraft and being greeted by personnel on airstrip. CU personnel talking and greeting each other. (Possible identity of one is Mr. Ford. Personnel standing, talking to each other, B-24 Liberator warming up in bg. VIP's standing in front of an automobile (photography poor). Medium Sherman tank M-3 model going through test run. CU VIP's standing in front of a Sherman M3 medium tank. VIP's on side of road, tank approaching and passing them. Tank going through test area.
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