Prince of Wales Phillip at Tinsley Park Development, Sheffield, 1963
Tinsley Park Development, Sheffield. Prince Philip attends opening ceremony. Next switches back to bulldozers with men in bowler hats visiting the site; demolition of old industrial buildings, possibly Tinsley Park Colliery Footage shows construction of massive steel framed and some brick buildings, and also switches to demolition of old slum housing. Next we see panoramic views of the massive engineering site as the construction nears completion. Prince of Wales arrives for the opening ceremony, seen with men in ESC hard hats. Also shows shots of the Royal Helicopter. After the opening ceremony there are many shots showing steel production inside the works – blast furnaces, molten metal, ingots on rails, rolling mill etc A view of the “Brightside Clock” and Brightside Works follows (is this a different site to Tinsley ?). Internal views shot inside the offices follow. The Duke of Edinburgh opened English Steel Corporation’s Tinsley Park Steel Works on 15th Oct 1963
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prince / Wales / prince of wales / phillip / opening ceremony / tinsley / Sheffield / South Yorkshire / 8mm / celebration / industrial / steel / works / production / industry / 60s / 1960s / english steel / esc / royal / monarchy / royals
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