20 gennaio 1941 (80 Anni)
Franklin D. Roosevelt is elected as President for the third time, central figure in world events during the mid-20th century, leading the USA during a time of worldwide economic depression and war.
20 gennaio 1942 (79 Anni)
Nazi officials hold the Wannsee Conference, calling for the Final Solution.
20 gennaio 1942 (79 Anni)
Nazi officials hold the Wannsee Conference, calling for the Final Solution.
20 gennaio 1961 (60 Anni)
The Democrat John F. Kennedy is sworn in as the youngest ever elected president of the United States.
20 gennaio 1993 (28 Anni)
Audrey Hepburn, British actress, film and fashion icon and humanitarian, died.
21 gennaio 1793 (228 Anni)
After being found guilty of treason by the French National Convention, Louis XVI of France is executed by guillotine.
21 gennaio 1905 (116 Anni)
Christian Dior, the French fashion designer, is born.
21 gennaio 1924 (97 Anni)
Vladimir Lenin, leader of the Russian SFSR and premier of the Soviet Union, died.
21 gennaio 1954 (67 Anni)
Lancio dell'USS Nautilus, il primo sottomarino a propulsione nucleare del mondo.
21 gennaio 1961 (60 Anni)
John F. Kennedy, the youngest man ever to be elected as president of the United States, starts his new job after beating Republican Vice President Richard Nixon.
21 gennaio 1976 (45 Anni)
Concorde's first commercial flights from London Heathrow to Bahrain and from Paris to Rio.
21 gennaio 1976 (45 Anni)
Concorde's first commercial flight from London Heathrow to Bahrain. Pilot: Captain Norman Todd.
22 gennaio 1891 (130 Anni)
Antonio Gramsci, Italian writer and politician and founder of the Italian Communist Party, is born.
22 gennaio 1901 (120 Anni)
Queen Victoria, the longest reigning British monarch in UK history, dies.
22 gennaio 1946 (75 Anni)
Creation of the Central Intelligence Group, forerunner of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).
23 gennaio 1349 (672 Anni)
Zhu Yuanzhang ascends the throne of China as the Hongwu Emperor, initiating Ming dynasty rule over China that would last for three centuries.
23 gennaio 1866 (155 Anni)
Thomas Love Peacock, English novelist, famous for 'Nightmare Abbey', dies.
23 gennaio 1889 (132 Anni)
Morte del pittore Alexandre Cabanel.
23 gennaio 1928 (93 Anni)
Jeanne Moreau, French actress, singer, director, and screenwriter, was born.
23 gennaio 1944 (77 Anni)
Morte di Edvard Munch, pittore norvegese.
23 gennaio 1947 (74 Anni)
Pierre Bonnard, French painter and founding member of the Post-Impressionist group of avant-garde painters Les Nabis, died.
23 gennaio 1986 (35 Anni)
Joseph Beuys, German Fluxus, happening and performance artist, dies.
23 gennaio 1989 (32 Anni)
Morte di Salvador Dalì, pittore surrealista spagnolo.
23 gennaio 2004 (17 Anni)
Morte del grande fotografo Helmut Newton.
24 gennaio 1920 (101 Anni)
Amedeo Modigliani, Italian painter and sculptor, died.
24 gennaio 1942 (79 Anni)
Citizen Kane, the 1941 American drama film by Orson Welles,and its first feature film, premièred in the UK.
24 gennaio 1965 (56 Anni)
Winston Churchill, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, died.
25 gennaio 1882 (139 Anni)
Adeline Virginia Woolf, English modernist writer, was born.
25 gennaio 1947 (74 Anni)
Alphonse Gabriel "Al" Capone, American gangster who attained fame during the Prohibition era, died.
25 gennaio 1990 (31 Anni)
Ava Lavinia Gardner, American actress and singer, died.

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