Exact Date Unknown - 1951 (4 Anni)
Bobo, a western lowland gorilla, is born in French Equatorial Africa. Bobo was adopted by the Lowman family and became a media attraction when word got out that the Lowmans were raising Bobo as if he were a human.
Exact Date Unknown - 1891 (4 Anni)
"Taps", a musical piece played by the U.S. military at dusk, is performed during flag ceremonies and funerals, generally on bugle or trumpet.
29 dicembre 1894 (126 Anni)
Morte di Christina Rossetti, poetessa inglese famosa per la sua varietà di poesie romantiche e per bambini.
29 dicembre 1940 (80 Anni)
In The Second Great Fire of London, the Luftwaffe fire-bombs London, killing almost 200 civilians.
29 dicembre 1986 (34 Anni)
Harold Macmillan, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, dies.
30 dicembre 1865 (155 Anni)
The English writer Rudyard Kipling is born. He is best known for his children stories.
30 dicembre 1916 (104 Anni)
Grigori Rasputin, Russian mystic and healer closely associated to the Russian royal family, died.
30 dicembre 2011 (9 Anni)
Ronald Searle, British artist and satirical cartoonist, best remembered as the creator of St Trinian's School, dies.
31 dicembre 1514 (506 Anni)
Andreas Vesalius, the Flemish physician who wrote and illustrated the first comprehensive textbook of human anatomy, is born.
31 dicembre 1838 (182 Anni)
Emile Loubet, 8th president of France, is born.
31 dicembre 1869 (151 Anni)
Nascita di Henri Matisse, artista francese leader del Fauvismo.

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