New content from Rue des Archives

Thousands of new photographs of iconic world events, personalities, French culture and golden age of Hollywood now available for licensing

Early in 2015 Bridgeman announced its acquisition of Rue des Archives, the premier French archival photo library.

Since then we have added over half a million extraordinary high resolution images to our online search, supported by an offline archive of over 3 million images. View all photography from this collection available for licensing.


Frank Sinatra / Photo © Collection CSFF / Bridgeman Images
Frank Sinatra / Photo © Collection CSFF / Bridgeman Images


Contact the Bridgeman team regarding research requests for content offline or any help with special projects. 
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silent movie / Photo © PVDE / Bridgeman Images
A Trip to the Moon, 1902 (b/w photo) / Photo © PVDE / Bridgeman Images


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