Four Book Covers from Bridgeman Studio Artists


In 2018 our Bridgeman Studio artists have enjoyed a number of commissions from a selection of book publishers. Here are four highlights.

Boris Izaguirre, 'Tiempo de Tormentas' ('Stormy Weather'). Studio Artist: Pete Hawkins

Described as an 'Autobiographical Novel', this book chronicles Izaguirre's upbringing in Spain as a dyslexic child with mobility issues. His mother, Bethlehem, is a renowned dancer, and her father, a movie critic, are thought to surround the child with bad company.

Beth Lewis, 'Bitter Sun'. Studio Artist: Alexandra Gurtner

Alexandra Gartner was the winner of 2017's Bridgeman Studio Award, for which artworks with the theme of this book were submitted. 'Bitter Sun' chronicles the events following a group of friends' discovery of a corpse in one of their favourite hangouts.

Kahil Gibran, 'Little Book of Life'. Studio Artist: Rebecca Campbell

A compilation of poetry from writer Khalil Gibran. A follow-up, entitled 'Little Book of Love' is in production.


Marieke Krugel, 'Die Tochter meines Vaters' ('The Daughter of my Father'). Studio Artist: Sally Muir

An original print of this book - the focus of which centers around trusting one another and a family's relationship - was awarded the Friedrich Hebbel Prize in 2006.


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